At Trelawny Stadium "OPENING SOON"

Located by the Reggae Highway


  • Reggae Glamping at Trelawny Stadium is where stunning nature meets modern luxury with reggae music and cultural activities. 
  • Experiential Reggae Jamaica Tours & travel to an authentic way to connect with Jamaican Culture & nature. 
  • Together, the experience is about stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embracing an immersive Rastafarian cultural environment. 
  • By pushing yourselves out of their comfort zones, experiential travelers experience a shift in perspective that improves the way they connect with the world. 
  • This transformational style of travel will enrich a person’s or a families life and, ultimately, leave an impression that lasts much longer than the Reggae journey itself.
  • Some call it luxury camping or glamorous camping.  We call it Jamaican Reggae Style living.
  • Either way, Reggae Glamping is dedicated to inspiring and guiding those who are seeking a different kind of trip, the kind that encourages cultural immersion, a broadening of horizons, and a deeper engagement with one’s surroundings with enjoying this upscale approach to sleeping under the Jamaican stars. 

Rest Here without the hassle of hauling loads of gear into the backcountry


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Sleep in ecologically designed tents complete with everything you need


glamping (short for “glamour camping”) destinations give you the best of both worlds. Stay with Reggae Glamping.