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Reggae Direct from Jamaica


Ras Astor Black

Broadcasting from Trelawny Stadium

Ras Astor Black

Founder and CEO of: FREE-iRadio Jamaica, 

Ras Astor Black School for the Arts Institute, #BOBArtsTV, Reggae Tours, international promoter, And Jamaica's Cable TV star..

  • RAS ASTOR BLACK WAS-RADIO DJ  at: Northwestern University U.S.A.



Broadcasting from Trelawny Stadium

Ras Astor Black

Reggae is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s. The term also denotes the modern popular music of Jamaica and its diaspora.

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Broadcasting from Trelawny Stadium

Broadcasting from Trelawny Stadium

Broadcasting from Trelawny Stadium

Reggae in the SUN Jamaica from Trelawny Stadium. 

TGIFalmouth - Arts, Culture & Business Events

Jamaican Creative Capital: Culture, Community, Vision

The  City of Falmouth, with its rich Rastafarian-cultural history, is one of the world's most exciting coastal destinations and has had a profound effect on the development of art and Jamaican culture domestically and internationally. 

From Falmouth’s earliest days, artists have found inspiration along its sandy beaches and foothills. And today, more visual and performing Reggae-artists, arts, presenters, designers, architects, and film and music producers per capita can be found in Falmouth than in any other city in Jamaica.

Please look around this portion of the website to uncover a world of arts and culture available to you right here in Falmouth!

We are looking for corporate Sponsors for *TGIFalmouth Creative Capital

The development of arts and culture in Falmouth Jamaica is guided by the TGIF-Creative Capital plan, which was adopted by TGIF-Council in 2020 after extensive community outreach.

Contact: Ras Astor Black for more information.