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*Ras Astor Black

Founder/Chairman of the Board


Trelawny, St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, Manchester.and Kingston

​Trelawny Stadium, Falmouth P.O. Jamaica
*BOBArts TV 

876 435-8401 / 876 545-7423 / 404 910-4463

Here is Our 

Jamaica & Chicago Reggae Markets

We're on Xfinity Cable in Chicago U.S.A. & Broadcasting All-Over- Jamaica


We are broadcast in Chicago Illinois U.S.A. twice a week in Channels EVERY WEDNESDAY:  Xfinity Cable Homewood Channel 19
can be seen in the following towns:

  • Alsip, Aroma Park, Aroma Township
  • Beecher,  Blue Island, Bourbonnais
    Bourbonnais Township, Bradley
  • Calumet City, Chebanse
    Chicago Heights, Chicago Ridge
    Clifton, Country Club Hills
    Crestwood, Crete, Dixmoor
  • East Hazel Crest, Evergreen Park
    Floss moor, Ford Heights
  • Hazel Crest, Herschel, Hickory Hills
    Homewood, Iroquois
  • Kankakee ,Kankakee Township
    Lansing, Limestone Township
  • Manteo, Markham, Matteson
    Marionette Park, Midlothian, Monee
  • Oak Lawn, Olympia Fields, Orland Hills, Orland Park, Otto Township
  • Palos Heights, Palos Hills
    Palos Park, Park Forest
    Peptone, Phoenix
  • Richton Park
    Sauk Village
    South Chicago Heights
    St. Anne
    Sun River Terrace
    Tinley Park
    University Park

We have over 3-million - viewers on our social media channels.
Jamaica channels 

  • 168
  •   8
  • 256
  • 322

#Reggae Music TV - Largest Rastafari News-Network


We give customers a reason to do business with us.

  • Rastafarian International & Local community 
  • Rastafarian Advancement in Business
  • Rastafarian World Recognition 
  • New Rasta Products & Music
  • Rastafarian Corporate Relations

We're on Xfinity Cable in Chicago U.S.A.  Mt. Prospect 

Channel 19 / 35 EVERY FRIDAY 8:30pm
can be seen in the following towns:

  • Buffalo Grove
    Elk Grove Village
    Hoffman Estates
    Inverness (parts)
    Maine Township
    Morton Grove
    New Trier Township
    Northfield Township
    Rolling Meadows
    WilmetteCh. 35
  • Arlington Heights
    Des Plaines
    Hanover Park
    Mt. Prospect
    Park Ridge
    Prospect Heights

Largest Rastafari  Reggae Broadcasting Company  

We give you International Exposure.


Falmouth Multi-Purpose Stadium. Trelawny, Jamaica

Ras Astor Black (876) 435-8401 - (876) 545-7423

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